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Deja Mae "Wicked Games (The Weeknd Cover)"

Official Bio

Deja Mae Howell was born to be a performer.


Debuting on the iconic film “Dancing with Wolves” as a child, this creative creature would soon become an actress, model, writer, jewelry designer, voice-over actress and musician.


As a little girl, Deja fell in love with the idea of performing. The daughter of Emmy winner, Norman Howell, Deja traveled from location to location growing up, so it’s no wonder that she thinks of a movie set as “home.” It would be the film “Dances with Wolves” where Deja would get her first taste of performing. With a longing to touch people’s lives through performing, it makes sense that Deja has branched out into other areas of creativity, such as music.


When she got older, Deja realized her passion of songwriting and singing was something she wanted to embed into her future. At sixteen, she started voice lessons, and the path to overcoming feelings of vulnerability from putting her heart and soul out there for the world to hear. Although music was a vital aspect of Deja’s life, it wasn’t until she encountered a traumatic event, which made her focus on music religiously. With a broken leg, three screws in her knee, and anxiety from her PTSD, Deja was holed up at home with her songs and guitar.  Her music became her therapeutic outlet for recovery, as she put her emotions in her writing.


Following the experience, Deja has made sure to keep music a large part of her life, which earned her a residency at Hollywood’s Bar Lubitsch. Deja not only sings, but she also plays acoustic guitar and piano. In 2014, Deja reached acclaim for her two widely shared singles “Sun Babies (Eric Wright Remix)” and “Honey Pi (Eric Wright Remix),” in which she collaborated with producer Eric Wright. 2016 will bring the debut of her latest work with Eric Wright as she releases her latest EP, Sloan.


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